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At 360 Active Recovery we’ve developed a proprietary method as an opportunity to educate men and women in the workforce on the best way to stay healthy inside of work and out. We'll bring our team of trainers, clinical massage therapists, nutritionists and our in house physician to demonstrate and run the components of 360 Corporate Reset.

Below are some of the many different components of our 360 Corporate Reset Program. Depending on your employees needs, we'll help you piece together the best plan for your company. 

body reset

The driving force of 360 Corporate Reset. We come to you, assess your employees' pain or discomfort and get to work through our proven 360 Body Reset Program; Trigger Point Release, Massage, Stretch and Chiropractic adjustment if needed. We leave you feeling great!


Gather your team for a presentation on nutrition and healthy eating and give your employees the knowledge to schedule their meals properly, pack healthy snacks, order out at restaurants and stay properly hydrated in order to keep their energy high throughout the work day!


Q&A with our expert team of trainers, nutritionists, massage therapists and Doctor, covering a wide range of topics regarding health and fitness in and out of work. We want to give your team the knowledge to stay as healthy as possible at all times!


360 Corporate Reset will show your employees how to stay as active as possible throughout the work day. We'll teach you techniques to help you prevent a "part-time sedentary lifestyle" and can help you develop and execute employee fitness contests to get everyone excited and involved!

chair Stretches

Demonstrations and education on effective stretch and active release techniques for common problem areas your employees' might feel tightness or discomfort. Your back and neck will thank you!

body composition


Body composition testing, to give employees an accurate picture on what their current blood pressure, body fat, body mass index and lean muscle mass are; then give them nutritional and fitness tips and, if needed, advice on how to get those numbers to a healthy standard. 

By addressing these issues on-site, our goal is to provide the proper techniques and educate your employees on the importance of living a healthy life inside of work and out. Studies have shown that having healthy, active employees can lead to lower healthcare costs and reduced time off while increasing employee relations and morale. If you'd like to coordinate a time for a free consultation, please fill out the contact form below or call (773) 666-5504.

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