360 Elite Personal Training

Let us help you get into the best shape of your life! 360 will help you develop a personalized fitness program based on your initial fitness assessment and progressively challenge you in each and every session. With your hard work and our knowledge and guidance, you'll see fantastic results and your inner athlete come to life! Our goal is to train you in the safest and most efficient manner, as well as educate you to stay healthy and fit for a long time to come!

With 360 Elite Personal Training You Get...


- 1 hour sessions

- Corrective Exercises

- Increase Functional Movement (Flexibility, Mobility, Stability)

- Weight Loss/Strength Training

- Nutritional Guidance

- Heart Rate Training

- Training sessions based on your own needs and goals


All in a fun, inviting atmosphere!

360 Active Recovery | 2221 W. North Ave. | Chicago, IL 60647

 F: 872.817.7467