I absolutely love this place!!  Training, bootcamp, therapy... I've never experienced a gym that has it all, including the best trainers and people who truly care to keep me in the best shape I can possibly be.  I am a huge fan of each of the trainers and enjoy being corrected on my form from the doctor in the house (thanks Brandon!)  Each training session and bootcamp I attend challenges me.  My main trainer Bruno is seriously amazing, who I owe so much of my gym success to.  Vinnie is really great and makes you laugh and sweat in each bootcamp.  And what can I say about Julius's bootcamp?  Let's just say I had to take countless naps after them, including after my massages!!  And each of the trainers get to know your level of strength, adjusting the move or weight to challenge you more and more.  Elliot is new to the group, but so far he's kicked my butt pretty good too.  What a great team: Julius, Vinnie, Bruno, Brandon and Elliot !!  I plan to try their yoga soon as well and am also starting therapy with Brandon, which I look forward to.  So if you can't tell, I'm a huge fan of 360 Active Recovery and if you want a good challenge, to sweat and have fun, come join us!


I wanted to update my review based on my recent experiences with 360 Active Recovery. About a month ago I injured my back outside of the gym and mentioned it to my 360 trainer, Julius. He set me up for a consultation, at the gym, with Dr. Brandon and we began PT to heal the issues and practiced ways to prevent future re-injury. Not only does 360 provide me with one on one attention and training, ongoing nutritional guidance, weekly exercise at the bootcamps and weekly recovery through yoga, but now I also have access to that extra healing and strength when I need it! All in one place! All of this is to say nothing that they're all just good, nice people too!


This team of trainers really knows their stuff.  I have been working out for the past 20+ years (all of my adult life), but have never stuck with anything as long as this training program, nor have seen results like this. I can see and feel that I am stronger and have more energy. These guys push you hard, but keep it interesting and fun. I have been going 2-3 times a week for over a year and have never done the same work out twice. I can't say enough good things about 360, nor recommend them highly enough!


I've been working out at 360 Active for about a year now, and I couldn't be happier.  Vinnie and Julius are extremely knowledgeable in so many different areas, and can work easily with anyone, regardless of their fitness level or age.  On top of everything else, all of the members are nice and pleasant to be around, which we all know generally isn't the case with most gyms.  I look forward to being there for many years to come.


I started working out with Julius (one of the owners/trainers) over two years ago.  I had no intention of even having a trainer since I was an avid distance runner and thought I could handle my fitness on my own!  Well it turns out I REALLY needed Julius' help and the difference it made in my overall strength, endurance, and ability to recover was amazing!  Julius knew just watching me run and lift where my weakness were and unbalances in my muscles causing undue strain.  Once I started training with him I had less pain and I even got faster in races!  Not only is Julius a great trainer but a brilliant and hardworking man who truly cares about his clients' health.  I am a physician and I can honestly say Julius knows more about muscles and joint strains and injuries more than most physicians I know and can quickly diagnose a problem AND help relieve it through massage and stretching!  I can't even count how many times Julius has helped me get my body back in working condition!

I have recently moved away from Chicago and I really miss working out with Julius on a regular basis.  If you live in the Chicago area you will NOT regret working out with Julius.  I am jealous already just writing this!

Also his new company has a great concept and a good group of people and other experts working with him.    You can't go wrong!  Have fun. :)


I signed up to start training sessions with Vinnie Avila at 360 Active Recovery hoping to lose a few pounds I had gained over the summer. I never anticipated losing over 100 pounds. The path of my life-changing journey is paved by the co-owners and trainers, Vinnie Avila and Julius Hearn at 360 Active Recovery.

I met Vinnie Avila a little over two years ago. I set up personal training sessions with him after hearing glowing reviews from one of his clients. At the time of my first consultation with Vinnie, I was completely out of shape, all of my clothes were tight, and I was embarrassed and ashamed of myself. Showing up for that initial meeting was difficult, but "showing up" was the hardest thing about that meeting, because Vinnie and Julius welcome everyone into a judgment-free , supportive, health and fitness environment.

Vinnie put me at ease from our first encounter. I couldn't  jog for a full minute on the treadmill when we started. Instead of focusing on all the things that I couldn't do, he praised me for what I could do, set obtainable goals, and worked with me to make improvements. I am now setting goals to run a half marathon. Vinnie and Julius will meet you at your personal fitness level, no matter if you have injuries or are out of shape, or are just looking for ways to stay in shape and maintain a healthy lifestyle. They will help to make goals easy for you to achieve, and then gladly celebrate you when you achieve them.

My initial success at losing the weight, and now being able to maintain the loss for more than a year is largely due to all the effort that Vinnie put into helping me. Vinnie and Julius are both a constant resource on fitness, health, nutrition and recovery. They are both readily available on text and email with any questions or concerns any of their clients may have. The level of dedication and client service they provide is rare. They truly care about their clients. An example of this is when I signed up for my first five mile run, and Vinnie showed up at mile three to give me a high-five along my run. Beyond being extremely talented and knowledgeable trainers, Vinnie and Julius are down to earth guys with big hearts. I have personally witnessed them running outside to help a client change a flat tire during a rain storm.

Vinnie Avila is incredible. Besides being an extremely intelligent and dedicated trainer, he is patient, and has a an extremely personable demeanor. Vinnie is the type of person that people just want to be around. I hated working out. I'm still not entirely sure I like it, but somehow Vinnie shows up to every boot camp and personal training session full of life and ready to make the session fun. He makes every class enjoyable with his big personality, wit and charm. You will laugh and share stories with him. Before you even realize what happened, you are super sweaty, an hour has flown by and he is telling you to go grab a foam roller, stretch out, and that you did a great job. If my training sessions weren't fun, there is no way I would have continued on to reach my goals. I am so grateful to Vinnie.

Through the opening of 360 Active Recovery, I have started to also work with Vinnie's colleague, Julius Hearn. He is an enthusiastic, energetic and motivating trainer. I have taken some of Julius' boot camp classes and he will push you to work harder, smarter and be better every day. He will kick your butt, but do so in a fun and encouraging environment with great music blasting. I also go to Julius for recovery. He is an outstanding massage therapist. I highly recommend setting up a massage appointment with Julius. As he is also a personal trainer, he understands where and why you are sore, and really works to alleviate any pain you are experiencing. Julius is simply awesome.

Additionally, I would recommend 360 Active Recovery if you are looking to meet new people. The boot camps and classes are great. Julius and Vinnie have set up such an open and uplifting environment for their clients. Because of this, all of the classes are filled with positive and upbeat people who motivate each other, and always have words of encouragement. I am so grateful for the friendships I have made through this gym. It is truly a team atmosphere where you are only a stranger until you push open that glass door.

360 Active Recovery has changed my life. The new confidence, pride, and overall sense of well-being I feel every day now is indescribable. It carries over into all aspects of my life. I will never regret the decision I made to finally start making an investment in myself. 360 Active Recovery is a welcoming and supportive atmosphere with intelligent and dedicated trainers. If you are ready to make an investment in yourself, there is no better place to do it. I look forward to seeing you there!


360 is the best. I started working out with Julius about a year ago and he has completely changed my body. I have always liked working out but I wasn't always doing the right workout to achieve maximum results and a back injury complicated things. Julius has helped me build muscle and strengthen my entire body. I notice the biggest improvement in my core strength and I owe that to Julius and his laser-like focus.

I also started going to 360's bootcamps, which have been an excellent complement to my personal training. Vinnie makes a bootcamp feel like your own personal workout and manages to give attention to each person in the class. The gym has such a comfortable feel, it really feels like YOUR gym. Everyone gets a shout-out when they walk in the door. Julius and Vinnie are so supportive and you realize quickly that they are there to support you in a way that is specifically tailored to you. Plus, they have awesome personalities and are handsome - you couldn't ask for more!